Changes to ResNet and Wireless Network

Over the break, the Office of Information Systems removed the Cisco NAC appliances and installed a new network access control appliance called SafeConnect. SafeConnect is a network access control system used to manage ResNet and the wireless network. SafeConnect manages authentication to the campus network and enforces security policies for antivirus, operating system and application updates. All devices connecting to ResNet and the wireless network must comply with Arkansas Tech University’s Acceptable Computer Use Policy or ResNet Policy .

Students and ResNet:

All students with the old Cisco NAC Agent are requested to uninstall it as it may affect connectivity to the network.

Game console registration is no longer required. SafeConnect identifies these devices and will add them to the network once they have been identified. For game consoles that do not get automatically added to the network, please follow the instructions on the following page:


With SafeConnect, all users will be required to log into the SafeConnect login page. Windows PCs and Mac computers will then download the Policy Key. SafeConnect will check these computers for the following:

A valid antivirus installed and turned on/active and up to date
Windows Updates are on and set to update automatically
Peer-2-Peer (P2P) applications running on the PC
If device is running behind an unauthorized router

Re-authentication is no longer every eight (8) hours. Users will authenticate every thirty (30) days. This means that if your device has been authenticated, you will not have to login again until after the 30 day period has expired.

As with any new system, there may be some adjustments that need to be made as time goes on. We appreciate your patience and cooperation with us during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Campus Support Center at or at 479-968-0646.