Scheduled Guest Wireless Maintenance

The Office of Information Systems will be making several changes to the university’s Guest wireless system which will take effect Thursday, August 4th, starting at 5:30 pm.  These changes are being made to address issues and concerns related to registration to use the Guest Wireless system and to bring a better user experience.  The changes are as follows:

  • The wireless network name, ATU-Guest, will be changed to “Tech-Guest” which will lower it in the list on mobile devices
  • Guest users will no longer need to register to connect to the Guest wireless network
  • Guest users will no longer need to install the SafeConnect policy key to use the Guest wireless network
  • Guest users that were previously not able to register or to install the policy key should no longer need to use a temporary account or to be put in Open Access by the Campus Support Center
  • The Guest wireless network will be restricted to basic internet usage (web browsing, secure web browsing, email, etc.) and connectivity to only necessary ATU services
  • Devices connected to Guest wireless that are found to have violated network policies, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, will be blocked from further access on the university network.  Users that are blocked will be presented a page when they attempt to use the network explaining that they are blocked and instructing them to Contact the Campus Support Center.
  • Staff, students, and university patrons who have accounts will no longer be able to use the Guest network.  If they attempt to do so, a page will appear that will instruct them on how to connect to ATU-Wireless which has more access.

While these changes are being made to make connecting to the university Guest wireless easier for both individual guests and groups of guests, it is important to remember that the Office of Information Systems will still need to be notified in advance if large groups of over 50 guests will be needing access in a location or if the Guest wireless needs to be available in an area where it is normally not (such as Residence Halls).