Scheduled Maintenance for Campus Wireless Networks Complete

The maintenance for the University wireless networks is now complete.  This maintenance allowed Network Services to install a critical software update as well as to implement new network resources exclusively for use by wireless and ResNet networks.  Network Services also updated the SafeConnect Authentication software for ATU-Wireless.

As a reminder, SafeConnect is used to authenticate users on the ATU-Wireless network by using their OneTech username and password.  Authentication is required on each device every 120 days and Windows and Mac clients will be prompted to download and install a policy key on first login.  SafeConnect also prompts users to keep their Mac or Windows operating systems and antivirus up-to-date to help ensure compliance with the university’s minimum network connectivity standards.

If your device is lost or stolen, please contact the Campus Support Center so that your credentials can be cleared from the system.

If your device requires first time authentication, or authentication after 120 days, your device should prompt you to sign-in.  If it does not, you can get automatically redirected to the sign-in page by opening a web browser and attempting to connect to  Please note, attempting to go to a website such as Google will not work since it attempts to utilize HTTPS and will not redirect correctly.  Alternatively, you can tell your device to “Forget” ATU-Wireless and then attempt to reconnect.

SafeConnect will be updated for ResNet networks in the coming weeks along with the changes being implemented to assist with online gaming.

For more information on SafeConnect, please visit: