Student Folder Redirection Temporarily Disabled

What is Folder Redirection?

Folder Redirection is a feature in Windows that we use to save student’s Desktop and My Documents items to their U drive.

The Office of Information Systems is continuing to work with our storage vendor to resolve the connection issues we are experiencing with the T, U, and I drives. In order to speed up the login times for students, we have temporarily disabled folder redirection.

What this means for students:

You will need to be sure you save any new files directly to your U drive. Any new files saved to your desktop or documents folder will not be automatically saved to your U drive. Saving a file to your desktop or documents folder will result in the loss of the file when the computer is rebooted. Any documents you previously saved to your desktop or documents folder are available in the corresponding folders in your U drive.

What this means for faculty and staff:

Faculty and staff do not need to do anything different, however, please remind your students to be sure they are saving any new files directly to their U drive and not to their desktop or documents folder.

An announcement will be posted and an email will be sent when folder redirection has been restored and it is safe to continue normal operations.

Thank you for your continued patience. Please contact the Campus Support Center at 479-968-0if you have any questions.