Update: Russellville Campus Telephone Service Interruption

We are currently experiencing a telephone service interruption on the Russellville campus.  Windstream has verified there is an issue with connectivity between the Central Office and the demarc and are dispatching someone to troubleshoot further, but we still have no ETA.  When a number is called, it appears as a fast busy signal, and there are also issues placing some outgoing calls.  So far departments that we know are affected are Campus Support, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Student Accounts, Admissions, Public Safety, College of Education, Mathematics Department, Residence Life, Office of Facilities Management, Financial Aid, Graduate College, and Registrar.  If you require immediate assistance visit http://www.atu.edu/TechA-Z.php, and send an email to the departmental email address.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Campus Support Center at campussupport@atu.edu.

Thank you.
Office of Information Systems