Planned changes to wireless network in residence halls

On January 1, 2016, wireless networks on the Arkansas Tech campus will no longer support the outdated Wireless B standard (802.11b). This is a best practice recommendation for wireless networks to help increases the performance for users.  Devices that only connect at Wireless B will no longer be supported on the campus wireless network.  This WILL NOT affect the vast majority of devices on campus. Most devices that support Wireless B also support the much newer and faster Wireless G (802.11g) and Wireless N (802.11n) standards.  These devices will continue to work on the campus wireless network and will likely see a better overall user experience.

Unfortunately, the original Nintendo Wii gaming console will no longer work.  While the Wii gaming console does support both Wireless B and G, it must connect Wireless B before connecting Wireless G.  When Wireless B is disabled, the Wii can no longer connect to the wireless.  Please note: this DOES NOT affect the newer Nintendo Wii U gaming console which should continue to work on the campus wireless.

If you own a Nintendo Wii and live in Residence Halls with wired ports you can purchase a Nintendo Ethernet adapter online and connect your Wii with a network cable. Please note: Caraway, Commons A, B, C, D, Hughes, and South Hall are wireless only and cannot support this option.