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Update on U, T, and I Drive

We are continuing to work with our storage vendor to pinpoint the cause of the connection issues we were experiencing last week. Folder redirection is still disabled for students until we have determined a resolution. Students, please remember to save new files directly to your U drive and not to your desktop or your documents […]

Brown Hall scheduled network outage 11-April-2014 1500 to 1600hrs.

Brown Hall will have a scheduled network outage due to maintenance from 3:00pm to 4:00pm tomorrow, April 11, 2014.

Student Folder Redirection Temporarily Disabled

What is Folder Redirection? Folder Redirection is a feature in Windows that we use to save student’s Desktop and My Documents items to their U drive. The Office of Information Systems is continuing to work with our storage vendor to resolve the connection issues we are experiencing with the T, U, and I drives. In […]

Update on recent outages with U, T, and I drives

Following a firmware upgrade applied over spring break, we have been experiencing sporadic connection issues to the U, T, and I drive. These connection issues seem to occur during peak load times and most prominently effect students logging into computers, but also causes other disconnects from the U, T, and I drives. The Office of […]

Student Login Issues Resolved

We have the student login issues resolved.  If you are still having an issue, contact the Campus Support Center at campussupport@atu.edu.