Reminder of Email Migration starting August 15

This is a reminder that the Office of Information Systems will be migrating all active email mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange for faculty and staff and to Office 365 for students over the weekend of August 15-17, 2014.

Faculty and Staff:
If you have not already been migrated to Exchange, please contact the Campus Support Center as soon as possible to schedule your migration. If your mailbox has not been migrated before August 15, a new mailbox on exchange will be created for you and any new email will be delivered to this mailbox. Once your new mailbox is created your OneTech mailbox will no longer receive any new messages. In order for this transition to be as smooth as possible for you, please schedule a time with the Campus Support Center as soon as possible so we can make sure everything is moved over for you.

Email Only or Departmental Accounts:
Email Only or Departmental accounts also need to be migrated to Exchange. These mailboxes will not automatically be migrated. If you are using a generic email account for your deparment, please schedule a time with the Campus Support Center to move your mailbox to Exchange. Any email only or departmental accounts that are not migrated before August 15 are not guaranteed to work after the migration process is complete.

Please continue to monitor your OneTech mailbox for further information regarding your new mailbox. You will receive more information about the new system and instructions for importing your messages from OneTech in the coming weeks. You can get more information about Office 365 by viewing our knowledge base articles on the topic:

If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Support Center at or 479.968.0646.