OIS Announces Enhancement to Password Security

The Office of Information Systems is always working to keep user accounts and data as secure as possible while providing our students and employees convenient methods for managing their account.

OIS is pleased to announce an enhancement to our Account Management System (AMS) https://ams.atu.edu that will provide our users a secure and convenient new way to recover a forgotten password similar to what is used by many major websites.

Users will soon be provided a “Forgot Password” link on the AMS page that will require them to enter their user id and recovery information (either cell phone or email) matching what they have previously provided and a password reset link will be sent.

With this new functionality in place, the Campus Support Center will no longer be able to reset passwords.  This change is planned for February 1.

Please take the opportunity now to populate your recovery email address and phone number so this new functionality will be available to you. You can use the “Update Password Recovery Information” link in the Personal Information portlet on the Home page in OneTech.

Thank you for your partnership in this endeavor to further enhance data security at Arkansas Tech University.